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immune system, specific immune defense, non-specific immune defense, humoral immune defence, cellular immune defence, illness, , active immunization, passive immunization, blood types, antigen, antibody, allergic reaction, disease, leucocytes, killer cell
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This Unit of Work is a stand-alone unit and is not connected to other units.
Educational Description: 
Learners …
• can describe the parts of the human immune system
• differentiate the specific / unspecific as well as the humoral and the cellular defence
• are able to describe different illnesses based on specific activities of the immune system
• construct models of the interplay of different parts of the immune system on different levels (plasma and membrane, cells, tissues, organic system)
• can describe active and passive immunization
• can explain the blood types
• can model, collect data and interpret the spreading of diseases using adequate simulations
Aspects for Colaboration: 
Collaborative knowledge construction, differentiated group work with BYOD-methods, collaborative transfer via internet collaboration in real time / time delayed collaboration
Development of Skills: 
Working Scientifically
• Questioning
• Observing
• Predicting
• Investigating and experimenting
• Estimating and measuring
• Analysing
o Sorting and classifying
o Recognising patterns
o Interpreting
• Recording and communicating

Designing and Making
• Exploring
• Planning
• Making
• Evaluating
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Course contents: The Cells of Our Immune System. Cell Interplay during Non-specific and specific Immune Response.

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